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Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, denouement

July 22nd, 2007

I’ve been working on the back-end of this site for some time now, and have finally reached the point where it’s no longer a pain in the ass to add posts, upload photos or share files. So I’m doing all three.

Click here¬†for photos and video from the Royal Nova Scotia International Tatto. This is an annual military/civilian show with acts from roughly 15 countries. The Canadian military component was made up of personnel from army reserve units from 36 Brigade, the HMCS Athabaskan navy ship, and various air force PAT platoons from across the country. Our contracts lasted for about a month, most of which was spent rehearsing. That’s all I’ll say by way of introduction. Enjoy the pictures. Here’s my favourite:

Live from the stage floor

Live from the stage floor

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