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Drive the Truck, Not the Body.

August 6th, 2007

Basically the day that my tasking with the Tattoo ended, all the guys from the PLF piled into a van and drove out to Gagetown to begin a month-long, driver-wheeled course. We learned how to service, maintain and drive the LSVW and MLVW (2.5 and 5-tonne trucks); I should note that I don’t presently have a civilian driver’s license, nor had I ever driven legally before this course began. Of course, this didn’t stop the course Warrant from placing me in a crew with the only two francophone students, so I could translate what I wasjust learning as I learned it. Or from subsequently moving me to the francophone section when a French instructor (who naturally spoke an incomprehensible variation of Acadian) was brought on. You’d figure the course staff would avoid piling more problems at the feet of the non-driver…

The MLVW, fording a giant puddle

The MLVW, fording a giant puddle

Anyway, we all clocked 1000+km on two trucks, driving offroad, on highways and built-up areas. Some people just had a smoother experience doing so. I can also confirm that driver-wheeled courses are in fact as relaxed and laid-back as everyone claims. Here are the pictures to prove it. You can also visit the project page for video of what non-commissioned army grunts do in the field with way too much free time to kill.

Thanks for the memories guys.

Oh. I also wrote an article about the course for some army bulletin.

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