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Educational Psychology Course Readings 2008

    So, I guess until we find an alternative solution, this is your go-to page for readings for Dr. Treadwell's class. I've tried my utmost to make the scans as good or better than the originals. In some cases, I didn't have much to work with. If you have a problem, let me know, or sound off in the comments. Happy reading!

File NameFile SizeDescription
    June-03-Nieto-Ogbu.pdf5.17 MBReadings for June 3, subject to change. Fun names.
    June-05-Sadker-Carson.pdf4.92 MBReadings for June 5, also subject to change.
    June-10-McIntosh-King.pdf2.35 MBReadings for June 10. Getting close to the finish line folks.
    June-12-Fodeman-Dekker.pdf37.69 MBWhat do I have to do to convince you to read the June 12 readings?
    May-06-notes.pdf652.35 KBClass notes from May 6.
    May-08-APA.pdf549.06 KBI think this is supposed to be a reference document for APA citations.
    May-08-Davydov-Vygotsky.pdf2.77 MBAn article by Davydov on Vygotsky.
    May-08-Maslow.pdf426.29 KBA short selection of Maslow.
    May-08-Vygotsky.pdf1.24 MBThe man, the legend, Vygotsky.
    May-13-Bruner-1.pdf2.15 MBI think this is from "The Culture of Education".
    May-13-Bruner-2.pdf2.58 MBTwo chapters from "The Process of Education". NOTE: pages 25-29 are missing. There is a summary of chapter 2 online here for those of you who want the blanks filled in.
    May-13-notes.pdf1012.1 KBNotes on Vygotsky from the 8th and 13th.
    May-20-Duckworth.pdf2.1 MBSame note as Piaget.
    May-20-Egan-Fine-Chappuis.pdf2.13 MBYou really have to look hard to distinguish these readings from each other. The three authors are there, somewhere...
    May-20-notes.pdf719.62 KBNotes on Bruner
    May-20-Piaget.pdf2.9 MBWe didn't get to Piaget last class, so I placed it with this week's grouping. I assume we'll be discussing him on the 20th.
    May-22-Klein-Morgan.pdf1.82 MBThe two readings are combined into one PDF.
    May-22-Kohn-Woolfolk.pdf2.96 MBThe Kohn reading that was moved to Thursday.
I don't know who Woolfolk is, either.
    May-22-notes.pdf1.67 MBNotes on Kohn
    May-27-Applefield-van-Boxtel.pdf1.75 MBAccording to the syllabus, this is the scheduled reading for the 27th. Check your inboxes, just to be sure.
    May-27-notes.pdf2.17 MBNotes on Piaget
    May-29-Clark-Wolf.pdf1.33 MBReadings for the 29th, subject to change.


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